Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Theoretically for donors

I'm sure I'll have cause to regret establishing the custom of bringing in baking every time the blood drive comes to Hornby. That is, I'll regret it one day, but not as long as I still need excuses to bake Edmonds cakes. This time, it was loch katrine cake (p50).

This cake (which is actually more of a slice) has several different layers. You start with a very plain dough, made by rubbing butter into flour and baking powder, with a little milk to bind. This is rolled out and used to line a sponge roll tin. As always, it took a bit of patchwork to line the bottom of the tin evenly, but eventually I had it all covered.

On the base I spread a thin layer of raspberry jam and topped that with evenly sprinkled currants. The next step was to make the 'sponge': I creamed butter and sugar, then alternately mixed in dry ingredients and beaten eggs. Finally, I stirred through enough milk to make the mixture smooth, and spread it on top of the currant layer.

After half an hour or so in the oven, the cake came out looking beautiful. I let it cool before mixing up a quick lemon icing and spreading that on, with a generous scattering of chopped nuts on top.

As it happened, we didn't have all that many people available to donate blood today. For various reasons, only three people made it across to the blood drive - and I don't think any of them actually got a piece of cake. I did get to try it - luckily, or I wouldn't be able to tell you all how it tastes!

Loch katrine cake is quite tasty. Those different layers add pleasantly contrasting textures, and though the cake itself is fairly plain, plenty of flavour comes through from the jam, currants and icing. Quite a pleasant little mouthful, really.

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