Sunday, October 16, 2011

Speedy slice

This afternoon I suddenly realised I hadn't made anything Edmonds for quite a few days. Along with this came the realisation that I didn't have anything to pack in my lunch for tomorrow's morning tea. Obviously, it's time to do some baking!

It didn't take me long to select afghan slice (p34), a recipe I've been intending to try for quite a while. It's simply the same recipe as you use for afghan biscuits, pressed into a sponge roll tin instead of being made into biscuits.

So really, it's even easier than making afghans, because you don't have to faff about forming your mixture into balls. You just cream butter and sugar, sift in flour and cocoa, then 'fold' through cornflakes and press it into the tin. That's about five minutes work.

After 20-odd minutes in the oven (25 in the recipe, but my oven often seems to cook things more quickly), the slice is done. All that's left is to let it cool down a bit before adding the icing.

But not too much - I decided the icing might go on more smoothly if the slice was still a bit warm. This was just an excuse, really. I wanted to get it done before the rugby started. (I know: Robyn watching rugby! What's the world coming to?) As it happens, I didn't actually succeed in finishing it in time, which is why I'm writing this at half-time.

I mixed up a quick and not very successful chocolate icing, spread it on the slice with the help of a spoon dipped in hot water, and scattered over a good handful of roughly-chopped walnuts.

When the icing had set, I cut the slice into pieces and had a taste. Interestingly, though the recipe is exactly the same as for afghan biscuits, it doesn't taste quite the same. The slice is thinner and crisper than your average afghan biscuit, and you get more icing for each mouthful with the slice (since my icing was quite sugary and horrid, this was not much of an advantage. But it would be if you did a decent chocolate icing).

I think I probably prefer the biscuits, but the slice is quicker to make - try it yourself and see which one you like best.


  1. This sounds yummy and less trouble than making the biscuits. Thanks for sharing!


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