Sunday, April 18, 2010

Filling the biscuit tin

Actually, it's a plastic snaplock container, not a tin, but "biscuit tin" just sounds better, don't you think? I like to have a couple of biscuits in my lunchbox for morning tea - I used to just buy packet biscuits, but lately I've crossed biscuits off my shopping list and made my own instead.

This time I chose Afghans (p34), another Kiwi favourite, but one I haven't made in quite a while. I didn't have the cornflakes I needed for the recipe, but I did have $1.20 remaining in my weekly budget, which, with the help of my friendly local Bin Inn, I was able to convert to more than enough cornflakes for a batch of afghans.

It can be a bit tricky mixing the ingredients for afghans, since there aren't any liquids in the recipe - all the dry ingredients are mixed into the creamed butter and sugar, then you have to try and fold the cornflakes through the resulting crumbly mix. A mixer would probably make the job easier (I didn't think to get mine out), but if you don't have one, just persevere and it will all mix in eventually. Get in there and mix it with your hands if you have to.

The next bit is to spoon mounds of the mixure onto the tray, squeezing it together with your fingers so it doesn't crumble. These afghans don't have any raising agent in them, so they will remain about the same size and shape as they bake. If you prefer flat afghans, squash them down before baking, but I quite like them as little mounds as per the recipe.

Once the afghans are cooked, and cooled, add chocolate icing and walnut. I used the chocolate version of white icing (p77), which is just a very basic icing sugar/water type of icing. I'm quite happy with the result, but if you prefer a richer alternative, you could try chocolate butter icing or melted chocolate icing (p76-77)

I'm absolutely delighted with the results I got from this recipe. I have used it before, but not for ages: I'd forgotten how good they are! They've come out fairly small, which, as far as portion-control goes, is a good thing. They may be small, but they're plenty enough for a bite to go with a cuppa. The texture is lovely and soft, with a bit of crunch from the cornflakes. Bought afghans are often quite dry - and so large that by the time you finish one, your mouth's all dried out. These are not like that at all.

You know you love afghans, and I can vouch for this particular recipe. Get out your cornflakes and cocoa and make yourself some.

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  1. I have made Afghans lots of times over the years. They are always successful and people love them. Very easy to make..


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