Thursday, June 21, 2012

Christmas present

Back at Christmas - already six months ago, if you can believe that - I was given a set of round cookie cutters in 11 graduated sizes. At the time, I thought to myself that these would be ideal for shrewsbury biscuits (p43), which require a small hole to be cut out of the middle of the top biscuit.

It took a while before I got around making them, though - I'd run out of the raspberry jam I needed for sandwiching the halves together, and somehow it didn't seem right to use bought stuff. A few weeks ago, I spent an evening making another batch, so now I have enough raspberry jam for the remaining recipes that require it as an ingredient.

Last night, I finally had a chance to make the shrewsbury biscuits. It's a simple dough, made by creaming butter and sugar, beating in egg and lemon zest, and mixing in dry ingredients. Before long, I'd rolled out the dough and was cutting out 7cm rounds. In half of these, I cut a hole in the middle with my smallest cutter.

The biscuits took about 12 minutes to bake. When they'd cooled, I returned to the kitchen and got out a jar of jam. It took quite a lot of jam to fill the 18 pairs of biscuits: I was concerned that too small an amount might mean the biscuits were too dry around the edges. I think I overdid it though, since I found they'd oozed out all over the place when I opened the container this morning.

I sampled one of my shrewsburys immediately. They're a pleasant sort of crisp, sweet biscuit with that nice fruity jam to keep them from being too dry. Just be careful how you eat them - at the first bite, mine broke into pieces, dropping in crumbly jammy bits to the floor. You want all that jam in your mouth, not on your carpet!


  1. They look just like the store-bought ones!! We might give these a go tomorrow. I don't think I've made these before, so I'm glad to see that yours turned out well.

  2. They're a bit bigger than the bought ones, and if you use a good jam, the filling is nicer as well. Let me know how yours come out!


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