Friday, January 11, 2013

An improved sponge roll

It's well established that whenever I can't think of a good reason to do an Edmonds recipe, I just bake something and bring it in to feed the hungry workmates. Something like small swiss rolls (p69) perhaps?

It's actually quite laughable to consider this a separate recipe from the main sponge roll recipe, since the ingredients and baking of the sponge are identical. The only difference is that you roll it up from the long side instead of the short side. Still, according to my long-established rules, any variation that has a different name from the main recipe is considered a separate recipe.

That said, it's actually quite good to have an opportunity to revisit this recipe. My first attempt was mildly traumatic and laid the groundwork for my ongoing belief that I just don't have the knack of sponges. I've had slightly better luck with sponges in recent months though, so I began this one more with interest than dread.

I was keen to see if I could improve on my first swiss roll, so I took great care to beat the eggs and sugar well, then carefully measured and sifted together the baking powder and flour before adding it to the eggs. Finally, I folded in the melted butter. I think the problems I had last time stemmed from being too timid with my folding and not combining the mixture properly. This time I worried less about losing volume from overmixing, and more about just getting it all combined.

The mixture looked pretty good when I poured it into the tin, and even better when I took it out 10 minutes later. I turned it out onto a teatowel dusted with icing sugar, and rolled it up from the long side while it was still warm. I left it rolled up overnight, only opening it up again to fill it in the morning.

I spread a generous layer of my 'loganberry' jam over the sponge, then topped it with cream. It rolled up easily into a tidy log, which I then cut into three equal pieces. I'm not sure why the recipe says to do this, since you're going to end up slicing it up to serve it anyway, but I guess they look quite cute that way.

The small swiss rolls proved popular, though most of the comments were on the tastiness of the jam, rather than the sponge. I must admit, it is a tasty jam, and the fruity flavour far overwhelms that of the sponge. That's ok, because the flavour of sponge+jam+cream is actually the whole point. Combined, it's delicious.

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