Monday, December 31, 2012

Enough lazing about

I've had a lazy few days since Christmas, lying around the house, reading and chowing down Christmas leftovers. Suddenly, New Year's is here and I have done almost nothing on my 'to do' list. I've still got another week before I have to go back to work, but that'll be gone before I know it - so it's time I put the book down and started getting some stuff done.

The Christmas leftovers are far from finished. There's only little old me to get them eaten! I had some of the Jersey Bennes I hadn't cooked up on Christmas Day - more than enough to make a potato salad, with uncooked (condensed milk) salad dressing (p184).

I've come across this salad dressing before, usually at 'bring a plate' type events. I can't say it's ever been a favourite of mine, but I figured it should go alright in a potato salad. The potatoes were cooked and almost cold when I started to put together my dressing. It's very simple to make: you just mix together condensed milk, malt vinegar, salt and dry mustard. And that's that.

I left the dressing to thicken while I added a few extras to my potatoes, including, of course, some chunks of the ubiquitous leftover Christmas ham. By the time I had that done, the dressing was too thick to pour, and had to be spooned into the salad.

I've already said this dressing is not a favourite of mine. It's too sweet and cloying. The vinegar gives it enough tang to make it palatable, but personally I'd prefer a mayonnaise. That's just my opinion, though - I know this sort of dressing to be very popular, possibly because of how quickly and easily you can throw it together.

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