Monday, April 16, 2012

Not-so-dodgy scones

I was heading over to Akaroa on Sunday, to spend the day with Mum, Dad and Nana, who are staying there for the week. I figured I had time to throw together some wholemeal yoghurt scones (p33) before I went.

Like most scones, they only take a few minutes to make - just sift together dry ingredients (including the wholemeal flour - then you tip the husks back in afterwards) then rub in butter, stir through sugar and fruit yoghurt, and add enough milk to make a dough.

I actually got a bit overenthusiastic and added too much milk. The dough was quite sticky, and I added another handful of flour to make it workable, but it still seemed a bit gooey as I shaped it into a round and marked it into wedges.

The cooking time was 10 minutes, but I baked them a little longer to make sure that wet mixture was baked through. Even so, they looked a bit dense as I packed them into a container to take to Akaroa.

We put the jug on to have a cuppa and scones as soon as I arrived. I warned the others that the scones were likely a bit dodgy, but actually, they were quite good! Surprisingly light - especially since wholemeal recipes often tend towards denseness. So I guess I overestimated the result of a little extra milk.

I'd have to recommend this recipe. Any recipe that manages to make wholemeal light and fluffy is worth making a note of. If you can have that extra fibre without losing out on texture, why wouldn't you?

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