Monday, April 2, 2012

Giant cookie

I found myself with a spare hour or two on Sunday night, so I decided to throw together a tosca cake (p53) to take to work in the morning.

I started by beating together eggs and sugar, then folded in flour, baking powder, melted butter and milk. I poured this mixture into a 25cm round cake tin - the recipe states a flan dish, but I didn't have one that size. It seemed like quite a large tin for the amount of mixture, and I wondered how much it was going to rise.

While the cake was in the oven, I mixed up the topping, combining sliced almonds with sugar, melted butter and milk. After 20 minutes (though the given cooking time was 30), the cake was baked golden brown - even too dark around the edges - so I took it out and poured the topping over.

I'd placed the cake back in the oven and when I glanced over the recipe again for some reason, and realised I'd missed a step. The topping should have been boiled and the sugar dissolved before I poured it over the cake.


Oh well. It was too late to do anything about it, so I just left the cake in the oven until the topping mixture started to bubble. The result was more of a sugary crust than the toffeeish coating it should have been, and by the time I was satisfied with the topping, the edges of the cake were quite overdone.

The cake was very flat - only about 2cm high in the centre, and lower at the edges. A flat cake with a ruined topping? I very nearly decided not to take it in to work.

My coworkers are not notably fussy eaters, however, and I decided to bring it anyway. I was glad I did - my tosca cake was actually very tasty: soft and sweet with a crunchy, sugary almond topping. Even if the cake was described variously as a 'pizza' and a 'giant cookie' by the workmates, everyone agreed that it tasted good.

I gather tosca cake is supposed to be pretty flat - I can't see how it could be otherwise. If I'd used a flan dish instead of a cake tin, it might have looked a little less odd and be less overdone at the edges. And while I liked my sugary version of the topping well enough, I think the toffee-style one would be better. So basically, if you actually follow the recipe, yours will be better than mine!


  1. Just found your blog! Wow, my partner will be relieved as I threatened to do just what you are doing with the Edmonds cook book and blog about it! He had a very worried look on his face :)

    I've got a 1989 recipe book that I use religiously for everything.

  2. Aw, c'mon Michelle - just because I'm doing this doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a go too! I'm not the first; I shouldn't be the last! Also, I have a copy of the 1989 version, and it has quite a number of different recipes than mine.


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