Tuesday, March 16, 2010

On reheated self-saucing pudding

Frankly, it's not great. If you leave your leftover pudding to eat the next day, the sauce congeals and the pudding dries out. Edible only if reheated to a temperature suitable for melting the ice cream you then pile on top. Or you could try drenching it in cream: I've found milk works too if you want a less artery-clogging, if also slightly blander, version.

So here's my advice: if you're like me and can't eat the whole "six servings" (yes: supposedly six servings. That must be someone's idea of a joke) on the day you make it, then make a half mix. Of course, half of one egg is a bit challenging, but, as a singleton, I have a bit of experience in splitting recipes.

Here's how you do it: crack the egg into a bowl, break the yolk with a fork and whisk it up slightly until the yolk's mixed in. Then pour about half of it into the pudding mixture and use the rest for something else. Like tomorrow night's pudding.

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