Monday, March 22, 2010

Cheap, cheerful tuna

Tuna sauce (p103) on pasta. It wasn't the most spectacular meal I've ever had, but it was on the table in 10 minutes - and costs less than $10 for the ingredients. And, while it wasn't mind-blowingly delicious, there was nothing wrong with it. Sometimes that's all you want.

In fact, since I made a half recipe, and still had some of Mum's home-grown peppers, it cost me only $3.80 - and it'll feed me for more than one meal. This is an excellent recipe for halving, since the full recipe requires 2 cans of tuna and a 250g pottle of sour cream. A single can of tuna and a 125g  pottle of sour cream make a half mix without any mental arithmetic or egg-splitting.

Basically you fry up some chopped onion, bung in your sour cream and tuna, heat it through, then stir in the chopped peppers. Season, and serve over pasta. Dead easy.

So if your priorities are "quick and cheap", try this tuna sauce. Make sure you season it well, or you run the risk of blandness. It might also be worthwhile experimenting with flavoured tuna or different veges.

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