Monday, October 22, 2012

The orange white sauce

I'd decided to have a couple of frankfurters for lunch, but in the interest of adding something Edmonds into the mix, I thought I'd make a tomato sauce (p188) to go with it. It's not really the standard tomato sauce that you'd put on a frankfurter - it's actually another variation of the white sauce recipe - but since I couldn't think of any other use for it, I figured this would work as well as anything else.

This sauce is made in exactly the same way as you'd make a white sauce, except you use a mixture of tomato puree and water instead of milk. Since I was using some of my homemade tomato puree, which is considerably more watery than a bought tomato puree, I just used the stuff without any added water.

The sauce thickened up easily as I added the puree, and soon I had a thick orange sauce, and with a decent amount of seasoning, it tasted pretty good. Perhaps it wasn't exactly a perfect match for the frankfurters, but in itself, not a bad sauce. 

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