Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sweet success

For some reason, I decided I wanted an omelet for dinner. I'd originally planned to make one with a savoury cheese and bacon filling, but that wouldn't have knocked off an Edmonds recipe - I've already done the savoury ones. Then again, I didn't see any reason why I shouldn't make a sweet omelet (p96) for dinner instead.

Sweet omelet is a variation of the puffy omelet recipe. I didn't have much luck when I made the savoury version - the omlet certainly didn't live up to the description 'puffy' - but I knew the failed attempt was a one-off as I'd successfully used a similar recipe in the past. The sweet omelet was my chance to prove the recipe is not at fault.

You start by separating the eggs, then combine the yolks with a little water. The main (savoury) recipe has salt and pepper added here, but (though it doesn't say so in the recipe) I figured it would be best to leave these out n the sweet version.

Next, I beat the egg whites until stiff, and put a frying pan on the heat with a bit of butter in it. While the butter was melting, I carefully folded the yolk mixture through my beaten whites, then poured it all into the pan atop the bubbling butter.

It took about five minutes for the omelet to brown sufficiently on the bottom. Then, I put the pan under the grill to cook the top. I was very happy with my lovely puffy omelet when I took it out of the oven, though it did collapse slightly as I transferred it to a plate and spread it with jam. I've just noticed the recipe states that the omelet should be dusted with icing sugar. This I did not do, but since it'd be more for appearance than flavour, I'm not too bothered.

A sweet omelet is not really something I've ever considered before, having always thought of omelets as savoury. Really, there's no reason why an omlet shouldn't be sweet - in fact, it's delicious! It's not, perhaps, well suited to have for dinner as I did - more like a brunch item or possibly even a dessert.  

My attempt at a sweet puffy omelet was far more successful than the savoury one, proving my theory that the recipe wasn't at fault. So whether you like the sound of this sweet version or prefer a more traditional savoury filling, a light, airy puffy omelet is not a bad way to go.

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