Monday, May 16, 2011

Rumpot overfloweth

I've been meaning to top up my rumpot ever since apples came into season. Somehow, I never got around to it - and now mandarins are in season as well! Today I finally dug the rumpot out of the top cupboard, and opened it up to add the last of the fruit.

There wasn't much space left in the pot, but I managed to cram in the segments of one small mandarin, and half an apple (chopped). When I attempted to stir in the sugar, the pot overflowed - there wasn't even room to add more rum.

I have to wait a while before I taste the rumpot, but from sampling the overflowed syrup I can predict that it's going to be quite potent. I have no idea whether the fruit and syrup will be absolutely delicious, or if I've been using up perfectly good rum to no purpose. I'll let you know a few weeks from now!

Want to see how the rumpot fruit looked and tasted? Click here


  1. Can't wait to hear how it tastes. I'm pretty curious about this one :)

  2. Even if I like it, I can't imagine you'd be keen on it - not a rum fan, if I recall..?

  3. No, not a huge rum fan. You recall well.
    Still, it's an interesting concept, and one I'm rather curious about. Looking forward to hearing the final verdict when the time comes.


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