Monday, April 19, 2010

Simple Sunday lunch

Sunday afternoon: I'm in the middle of baking a cake, and I realise that at 1pm it's probably time I ate something. Glancing down at the bench, I notice an open egg carton with a single egg in it.

The thing I love aboout the Edmonds cookbook is they don't assume you know anything about cooking: If you don't know how to cook an egg, you'll find instructions in your Edmonds book. I chose scrambled egg (p97), firstly because it's my favourite way to have eggs, but also because I only had one egg left and a lot of the other egg recipes required two.

If you've never scrambled an egg, it's very easy and very fast. Just beat the egg with a bit of milk, add salt and pepper, then put it in a frypan and push the mixture from the outside to the centre as it cooks. Bung some bread in the toaster while you're cooking, and 30 seconds later, you have a light meal or snack.

I stirred chopped parsley through mine as per the recipe, which I'd never done before, and it was very tasty. There are other variations suggested if plain parsely sounds too boring for you. A few of the leftover cherry tomatoes from my antipasto, a little pepper, and my lunch was ready: quick, nutritious and delicious.

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