Saturday, February 23, 2013

Better with salmon

One recipe I hadn't really hurried to do was salmon curried eggs (p95). This is a variation on the bland and gloopily unappealing plain curried eggs recipe. Still, I hadn't done a great job of following the recipe last time, so maybe I could manage a better result with this version.

I hard-boiled some eggs and drained a can of salmon, then turned to the sauce. It's that basic white sauce again, with a few additions. I chopped some onion and cooked it until clear. Then I stirred through some curry powder and flour, and let that cook for about a minute before beginning to add the milk.

When all the milk was stirred in, I had a reasonable-looking sauce. I'd made sure there was enough liquid for a decent consistency (not thick and lumpy like the last lot) but there were still lumps from the onion, and the curry powder gave it an odd yellow colour.

One of the silliest mistakes I made with the previous curried eggs was forgetting to season the sauce, (a dire mistake with any white sauce) and I kept reminding myself not to do it again. I decided I'd better leave the seasoning until after I'd added the salmon, because it might not need as much.

As I flaked the salmon into the pan, I glanced at the recipe and found that the addition of salmon was not - as I'd thought - the only amendment in the salmon variation. It also said to 'spoon buttered crumbs on top'.

Buttered crumbs? What? Shrugging, I melted some butter (or canola spread, but whatever) in the microwave, and stirred it through some dry breadcrumbs from the cupboard. It actually looked pretty good. Turning back to the sauce, I poured it over the eggs... then realised that yes, I'd forgotten the seasoning. Again.

I shook a bit of salt over the top before spooning on my breadcrumbs. It wasn't really enough though, so I added more salt and pepper on top of the crumbs.

This was not a pretty-looking plate of food. It did look better than my previous efforts, but only because of the crumbs. Oddly enough, it tasted quite good. The salmon is definitely an improvement, and though the seasoning was a late addition, it didn't seem to matter. Would I make it again? Probably not. Still, at least it was edible this time!

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