Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Party nibble / simple snack

I had half a banana and one strip of streaky bacon left over from my banana and bacon English muffin topping. Ideal for making a little Sunday night TV-watching snack: bacon-wrapped bananas (p193).

This is actually one of the 'party finger food' recipes. Since I wasn't planning a party and happened to have the ingredients on hand, I made it anyway.

The full recipe uses two bananas, each cut into four pieces, and four rashers of bacon. So what I was doing was really a quarter-recipe, but you can pretty much make it with however much you've got. All you do is brush the bananas with lemon juice - presumably to prevent browning - then wrap each chunk of banana in half a rasher of bacon and secure it with a toothpick.

Finally, you just bung your bacon-wrapped bananas under the grill, turn them a few minutes later and grill the other side, then you're done: sweet, salty morsels once again utilising that delicious banana and bacon combination.

These may be pretty tasty, but they have to be served warm, so if your're going to do these for party finger food, you'd need to spend a few minutes in the kitchen doing the grilling bit. I expect you could do the banana-wrapping bit in advance, but how far in advance, I'm not sure. I'd say best keep the time between wrapping and grilling as short as possible.


  1. Yummy, must try that, banana wrapped bacon. My G/kids love prunes wrapped in bacon !!

  2. what a strange combination to me...glad you tried it


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