Monday, September 12, 2011

Good call, Mum!

On being invited around to Leah's for dinner on Saturday night, my immediate reaction was to offer a dessert. It wasn't difficult to decide what to make, as Mum had recently made yoghurt flummery (p201) and recommended it to me.

Yoghurt flummery is a variation on the main flummery recipe, (if you don't know what flummery is, it's jelly beaten up with evaporated milk - apparently some people call it "fluff") but yoghurt is substituted for the evaporated milk. Mum makes the jelly using fruit juice and gelatine, since she doesn't like the artificial jelly flavours, but I decided I'd best stick to the recipe.

I dissolved a packet of tropical flavoured jelly crystals in water, and put the bowl in the fridge. Some time later, the jelly mixture had cooled and partially set to the consistency described as "raw egg white". I took it out and beat it until the mixture was thick and well-aerated. 

At this point I added the yoghurt, and stirred it through. The resulting thick, yellow mixture had a slightly lumpy look to it, but I hoped it would be ok. I transferred it to a smaller bowl and put it back into the fridge to set.

Leah hadn't mentioned how many people would be there for dinner, but to be sure I had enough for everyone, I whipped up a batch of meringues to have with the flummery. When I arrived at Leah's, armed with flummery, meringues and a small jug of passionfruit pulp, I discovered there were only three of us for dinner. It didn't matter though: even after filling up on Leah's lovely lamb chops, we actually managed to finish all the flummery and most of the meringues between us.

I'd never had the yoghurt variation of flummery before, and I really liked it. As with classic flummery, it's light enough to eat even when you've already had a good meal. I didn't mind the flavour of the jelly crystals, but if you're not keen on that artificial flavouring, take a leaf out of my Mum's book and make your own jelly with fruit juice. Either way, it's not difficult, and, while it may not look all that exciting in the picture, it tastes pretty good!

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