Monday, August 1, 2011

Party of one

I went to a movie after work tonight, and so didn't get home until about 7.30pm. That said, I was conscious of not having made a blog post for quite a while, so I went looking for something quick an easy, so I could fill my hungry belly and write a short blog entry about it.

What could be quicker or easier than mousetraps (p193)? (By 'mousetraps' I do of course mean the cheese-on-toast sort, not the kind you actually kill mice with.) Somewhat unexpectedly, the recipe for mousetraps is found in the 'party finger foods' section. Since I don't see myself serving up mousetraps at a party in the near future (or ever, as a matter of fact), I figured I was quite safe to use this one tonight.

To begin with, I toasted a couple of slices of bread on one side only, while I assembled the rest of the ingredients. I finely chopped a small amount of onion, before mixing it with grated cheese. To go with this, I got out some salt, pepper, and a jar of relish. This was actually supposed to be chutney, but I didn't have any. Guess it might be a good idea to look at doing another chutney recipe in the near future eh?

When the bread was toasted on one side, I spread the untoasted side with relish, then topped it with the cheese and onion mixture before grinding over pepper and a small amount of salt. And after a short time under the grill, I had some gooey, tangy mousetraps to tuck into.

They were pretty good, as mousetraps go. The flavour of the mousetrap would of course depend on what kind of chutney or relish you use, but that won't matter as long as you use one you like. So as a quick, easy snack, mousetraps are a pretty tasty option. As party finger food: I still can't see it, can you?

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