Monday, April 18, 2011

I guess it's more of a condiment

As part of my recent attempt to complete more of the sauces, I had a go at tomato and basil sauce (p188) today. Looking at the description and list of ingredients, I figured it would probably go pretty well on pasta. In fact, I sort of wondered why it was in the sauces and marinades chapter, instead of amongst the pasta recipes.

Anyway, the sauce started off easily enough - just cooking some onion and garlic in a pan. The next instruction was to take a can of tomatoes, puree it in a blender and then press it through a sieve. Well, I was pretty hungry, and I had a can of ready-made tomato puree in the cupboard, so I wasn't about to faff about with blenders and sieves.

I opened my top cupboard to get out the puree, completely forgetting that I hadn't looked in there since Saturday night's 5.3 aftershock. Several cans toppled out and more sat teetering on the edge of their shelves. I was only hit by one can, which caught me right on the boob. I suppose at least it was a well-padded part of my anatomy - if it had hit my head I'd have been knocked out cold!

I poured the puree into the pan, then added the next ingredients - cornflour combined with tomato paste. I was starting to get an inkling that this wasn't going to be your typical pasta sauce. It was thick and smooth - more like the standard tomato sauce you might have with hot chips.

I gamely continued, adding fresh basil and (for once) actually remembered to season it. I cooked up some pasta, added sliced chorizo and topped it with the sauce. It didn't look quite right. And it didn't taste right, either. I'd put in at least twice as much basil as stated in the recipe, but I couldn't taste it at all. It was just like eating pasta with a thick coating of tomato sauce. Uugghh.

So that's why it isn't included in the pasta chapter: it's really not a pasta type sauce. It has much the same density and flavour as a tomato sauce you'd buy in a bottle at the supermarket, i.e it would be good with fish and chips or on sausage and bread. Disappointing for my meal tonight, but good to  know if you ever feel like making your own tomato sauce! 

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