Friday, March 11, 2011

Passion in a jar

On the evening before the earthquake hit, I popped into a supermarket and bought, among other things, a bag of passionfruit. I'd been looking for some at a decent price, in order to preserve some passionfruit pulp(p238). They're usually quite expensive, so I was pleased to find a bag at a reduced price.

I'd intended to spend the evening of 22 Feb preserving passionfruit pulp, but as you know, things took a slightly different turn that day and I forgot all about it. Two weeks later, I picked up the bag of passionfruit, expecting that they would need to be thrown out. I couldn't tell from the outside, so I cut into one. Oddly enough, even two weeks after I'd bought them (reduced, too) the pulp still looked and tasted fine.

The combined pulp gleaned from the whole bag (or most of it - one or two were no good) amounted to just under 1/3 cup. I got this in a saucepan with some sugar and heated it to dissolve the sugar.

Meanwhile, I was trying to sterilise a jar to preserve the pulp in. It takes a while, and by the time the jar was ready, the pulp had thickened and gone quite sticky in the pot. Since it still had to go into a waterbath, I don't think it was really supposed to cook for so long in the saucepan, but oh well..

There wasn't quite enough pulp to fill the jar, which was the smallest one I could find. Never mind - I put the lid on and placed the jar in a waterbath for five minutes. I'm not really sure what the waterbath was supposed to achieve, since the pulp had already cooked into jammy consistency in the saucepan.

Some time after I removed the jar from the waterbath, the lid popped down, sealing the jar. Still, since it wasn't a full jar, I don't think I can rely on it keeping too long. I'll have to find a use for it soon!

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