Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stonefruit additions

Since it's currently stone fruit season, and particularly since I had a dozen or so plums left over from my jam, I decided it was about time to add some more fruit to my rumpot.

I  used a couple of the plums, some apricots and a peach. The plums and apricots I de-stoned and sliced into quarters; the peach I peeled and sliced into wedges.

Peering into the rumpot before adding the stone fruit, I was a little bit dubious as to how the whole rumpot experiment is going to work out. I have some scary brownish strawberries surrounded by soggy-looking blueberries floating in a jar of rum. It's just not as appealing as I expected.

I added the stone fruit, hoping that these nice colourful chunks of fruit wouldn't turn out looking quite as dodgily brown as the strawberries. The fruit amounted to 400g, so I put in 200g of sugar before topping it up with rum and giving it a stir.

There's only a little space left at the top of the jar - enough to put a few chunks of apple, and maybe some pear if I'm lucky. After that, I'll still have to leave it a couple of weeks before I find out whether my rumpot is as good as it originally sounded, or whether it's just been a waste of good rum!

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