Friday, September 3, 2010

Fancy a steak?

I had a go at savoury fish steaks (p117) the other night. I'd actually had the fish in the freezer for a few weeks, since I'd originally intended to make it some weeks ago. It wasn't easy to find fish steaks, as the supermarket fish counters mostly only sell fish fillets - it was only by luck that I found a frozen package of tuna steaks at my local Pak N Save. Fresh would have been better, but you gotta work with what you can get!
The basic procedure is to layer slices of tomato over the fish steaks, then add a breadcrumb topping and bake them in the oven. You start by blanching the tomatoes, and removing the skins before slicing them and placing over the fish. Then, drizzle some malt vinegar over the tomato-topped fish, before mixing up soft breadcrumbs with butter and finely chopped onion, and spoon it on top.

The instructions were to bake for 20 minutes. I don't know much about cooking fish, but I gather that tuna cooks pretty quickly - 20 minutes seemed like much too long. I took it out after about 12 minutes, and I still suspect it was a bit overcooked.

It tasted pretty good though, and the breadcrumb topping was nice and crunchy. I'd say this dish needed more seasoning - it was very nice when you got a hint of the vinegar, but it didn't happen very often. I'd be tempted to double the vinegar, and add a bit of seasoning to the breadcrumb topping. 

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