Thursday, June 17, 2010

Let's not forget morning tea

When I mentioned that my $25 would have to cover 3 meals a day, what I didn't say was that I'd also have to provide baking for my morning tea every day. Luckily my kitchen is reasonably well stocked with flour and other baking-type stuff, so I just had to find a recipe I had all the ingredients for.

Sultana nut loaf (p32) seemed to fit the bill. It didn't need an egg, which is good since I only have 2 left; and I had sultanas and walnuts in the cupboard. I just had to hope that it would come out better than my last attempt at a loaf!

It was pretty quick to make - just pour boiling water over sultanas, butter, sugar and golden syrup, then sift in the dry ingredients. The walnuts were an extra - turning a plain sultana loaf into a sultana nut loaf - but the instructions were to add them with the dry ingredients. I'm not sure why this was, because the flour just clumped in the crevices of the walnuts and stayed there - even after the loaf was baked.

I decided to line the loaf tin to make it easier to get the loaf to come out. Then I poured the mixture in and stuck it in the oven.

40 minutes later, I took it out again. It was quite hard on top, and some of  the sultanas on the surface had burnt. This didn't worry me - I just pulled them off. After it had cooled for 10 minutes in the tin, I took it out of the loaf tin. Well, the baking paper had done its job, in that the loaf didn't stick to the tin - it just stuck itself very firmly to the paper instead.

A few more minutes cooling might have produced enough moisture to loosen up the paper, but I was hungry and wanted to have a taste. I pulled off the paper, in some places taking parts of the loaf with it, and in other places leaving bits of paper behind.

Eventually, I got all the paper off the loaf and cut myself a couple of pieces. It's not wonderful, really: a bit bland and slightly doughy. The crust is also much harder than it should be. It's not inedible though - just a bit boring and not perfectly baked. It'll do well enough for a few days' worth of morning teas.


  1. Haha... I HATE it when things stick to baking paper! I've had it happen before too. Looks good though. I miss morning tea!

  2. Well, you'll just have to move back to NZ then..


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